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7:57 p.m. - 2023-09-16
Thursday and Sunday
On Thursday I met the new trumpet guy for the first time. He seemed very nice!
We hung out in the back with some of the others while some of the other others warmed,
having drinks and chatting. Then it was time to Hit The Stage.
We went out and played our set. On Thursday, I was the guitar sub. I set up the vibraphone
where the guitarist normally goes. It's a not-roomy stage for the ten of us. The guitar/vibes are
right next to the trumpets, and the new trumpetist had maybe a couple feet between his head
and my apparatus and so could hear every wrong thing I played with annoying clarity.
I was pretty sure that by the end of the evening the new trumpet guy (justifiably!) hated me.

Then, the band met again on Sunday, this time in a different space. I got there
ahead of most of the band, and when the new trumpet guy showed up we exchanged
warm greetings and everyone had a good time.
So that was nice.


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