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10:54 p.m. - 2023-09-04
Tonight, Labor Day, we went out to see the cat video movie. It was really fun! There were cats falling asleep, cats waking up and eating food, cats cavorting with other cats, cats doing utility work and construction, cats being nests for small birds, cats doing music videos (mostly being amazing pianists! Go Ketzel!), cats running errands, cats watching sports, cats mentoring human babies, cats being involved in civic life, and so much more I could go on and on. Most of us in the audience wished we had died and went to Cat Person Heaven and that the movie would never end. But then it did end. Gradually we accepted it, and after four hours of grieving, headed home to accept our current reality. And also to hang out with cats at home! Also dogs!

And MAN, do people (two legs) fucking suck! It being the end of a three day weekend,
every fucking stupid asshole prick overcompensating dickless piece of shit in the
midwest was driving like they were going to not only commit suicide to silent their dickless
shame but take everyone out with them. Stupid giant pickup trucks, idiotic "sport" cars and everything in between. That's two legs. Eventually we got home and got caught up with our Four Legs guys, and man, they are WAY better. I wish we were all watching that movie together. To be fair, I know lots of two legs who aren't horrible. But there are so very many more who are and it would be great if they would go somewhere else where they were all united in their creepy moronic sociopathy and leave the rest of us alone. They could drive their stupid trucks there and jack off all over their trucks together! Everyone wins!

Four Legs, I love you to death and thanks for the movie.


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