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12:54 a.m. - 2023-08-25
The best thing about playing in the Ringling Theatre in Baraboo, Wisconsin is the sign on the stairs that lead to the bathrooms under the stage.
It says (roughly):

You are in WISCONSIN! Specifically, BARABOO, WISCONSIN!

When you pronounce BARABOO think BEAR------a-boo.

Have a great show!!!"

I was pretty amazed, seeing that sign, at all the high-profile touring acts that
play there. The time I was in the local orchestra and the Moody Blues and
their Knights in White Satin hired us to accompany them, they had
the same sign, except it was in Madison, so the sign said
"YOU ARE IN MADISON WISCONSIN" and the sign was taped
to the floor of the stage in front of the monitors where the Moodies
could easily find them.

I never got to hang out with any of the Moodies.

But, for a couple of brief moments, they were here.

And they knew they were.

There was a sign.

And it was a Tuesday afternoon..............................................


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