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11:38 p.m. - 2023-07-27
Today was a Thursday. Work was pretty hectic, what with lack of staffing and a gaggle of people showing up in the morning for a meeting and also ridiculous heat outside and it used to be if you lived here (Wisconsin and/or Michigan) it wasn't 90 degrees for more than two days a year in August, but it's pretty normal year-round now. I managed the walk home without dying, thanks to the electrolyte beverage I got at the convenience store.

I was glad I didn't die on the way home, mainly because then I could get our Dogfriend out for a few minutes and then watch Dogrfriend and Catfriend mill around each other, which is my favorite thing to watch. They have an amazing dynamic!

Also, the pharmacy guy at the place where I bought the electrolytes place was pretty great and then we went out for drinks and chips and then went back home where we have AC and all our friends are secure.

And that was Thursday! Stay tuned for further excitement!


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